Medical Interpreting

Bridging the Gap

Medical interpreters are trained professionals who help non-Italian or non-English speakers communicate with care givers in a variety of medical facilities.

Fluency in at least two languages is a must. InterpretHelp offers the most spoken language combinations in Florence, to make you feel more at home.

Quality, Confidentiality and Compliance

Our interpreters are trained with the specialized medical terminology and procedures, in order to ensure a clear and accurate communication.

Moreover, InterpretHelp assures quality and punctuality. During a doctor’s appointment or at the E.R, our goal is to break down the language barrier. 

A strict confidential policy is always observed and we are also HIPAA compliant.


If something happened and you want to be able to communicate in your language, call us at +39-351-662 6799, we guarantee that one of our specialists will be onsite within 30-40 minutes from the call.