Conference Interpreting

Conferences and multilingual meetings

Conference interpreters use different modes of interpretation depending on the type of meeting and working environment, where they usually work from one or several foreign languages into their mother tongue

We offer these specific services for b2b meetings, conferences, medical conventions, cultural and fashion events.

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Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting means ``at the same time``, so that the content of the message is translated almost in real time.
Interpreters usually work in pairs and they change over every 20/30 minutes.


Consecutive Interpreting

The interpreter sits or stands next to the speaker, takes notes and then translates in the target language.
Consecutive interpreting does not require booths or conference systems.



This type is similar to simultaneous interpreting, but it does not require booths or conference systems, as the interpreter whispers the translation to one or two listeners.


Liason Interpreting

The interpreter supports the client during business meetings with foreign delegations, as well as during company and factory guided tours and technical training sessions.