Communication Made Easy

Our goal is to help people communicate. Have you ever found yourself in a tricky situation where nobody around you speaks your mother tongue? We’ve all been there. InterpretHelp is the solution.

We are a group of professional interpreters who provide a on-demand community interpreting service and a regular conference interpreting service to travelers, international students and tourists who can’t communicate in their mother tongue.

The team

Irene Dal Conte

Professional interpreter since 2015 and founder of InterpretHelp, Irene has always had an unrestrained passion for medicine, languages and communication. While working,  it became apparent there was a lack of language services in emergency situations, and so InterpretHelp came about.

Silvia Zonfrillo

Passionate translator and medical intepreter, she has great esperience in the E.R. and around patients.

Melissa Salvini

Professional interpreter with a passion for Chinese, she is incredibly goal-driven and determined.

Ellen Bartumioli

Half Italian and half Swedish, she has worked as an interpreter since 2017, performing at her best in critical situations.

Michela Fratti

Professional interpreter and translator, she spent many years working in Russia, where she developed a top-notch knowledge of the language.